Monavie EMV Energy Drink – Why Is a Healthy Energy Drink Found In Athlete’s Locker Rooms?

Why are so many people excited about the world’s first healthy energy drink? What’s the buzz all about? In this product review, you will learn about Monavie EMV, the new nutritional energy drink and supplement.

Most energy drinks on the market are not good for you! Most have preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavors. Most of them give you jitters and/or a burst of energy and then you come crashing down.

Drum roll please! Introducing Monavie EMV – the introduction of “hybrid” energy drinks! You can boost your energy anytime you want and you won’t have to worry about unwanted side effects! The bonus is it tastes

great! It has a refreshing, delicious taste. It tastes best when it’s cold or poured over ice.”

Hybrids are energy drinks that are formulated with healthy ingredients including:

Isomaltulose for long-lasting energy

Natural sources of caffeine

Fruit juice

EMV stands for Energy To The Power Of Monavie


If you have been drinking other energy drinks, you may have noticed that you get jitters or have a crash and burn and then you have to drink another one for continued energy. EMV provides 100% natural energy without the jitters and without the crash and burn.

This energy drink will provide longer lasting energy and you won’t really notice it going away because it has a gradual effect. Most energy drinks advise not to drink more than 3 a day, however you can drink as much EMV as you want without having to worry about any side effects.

You are going to notice better performance and longer endurance without any highs or lows. This will help you fight fatigue, so when you get the afternoon nods, reach for this instead of a soda or a candy bar.

You may also notice increased alertness, mental focus and clarity. This would be a great energy drink to consume on campus when you are studying hard or taking exams.

Main Ingredients:

80% Fruit juice (natural, healthy blend of antioxidant rich fruits and energizing botanicals)(acai, maqui,apple, grape, pear, acerola, cupuacu, camu camu)

Palatinose for lasting energy

All natural Caffeine

All Natural Sugar


200% DV of four B vitamins


Green Tea

Cha de Burge


Yerba Mate



There are no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives and there are no sugar additives such as high fructose corn syrup, glucose, and sucrose.

Palatinose, a carbohydrate energy source found naturally in sugar cane, honey, and sugar beets is

scientifically shown to promote longer lasting energy. Palatinose metabolizes more slowly than

sucrose and maltose (commonly found in other energy drinks). Palatinose promotes a steady

stream of energy over a longer period of time.

In independent taste tests, this energy drink was ranked higher than any of the leading energy drinks on the market. This was preferred overall for color, sweetness and aftertaste. It tastes great, especially refrigerated or over ice. It is lightly carbonated to enhance the taste and flavor. It is made with reverse osmosis water, which is way better than tap water.

Many restaurants and bars are serving it as an alternative to sodas or using it to replace Red Bull in their mixed drinks.

You will find this can in so many locker rooms of professional and amateur athletes. Monavie EMV is the official energy drink of the NBA’s Houston Rockets and the MLB’s Los Angeles Angels.

Over the next 5 years the U.S. energy drink is expected to nearly double. Wouldn’t you like to cash in on this explosion?

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Learn About a Hybrid Car

Many people consider a hybrid car for two reasons. One reason is for saving money, with oil prices rising up a very high lever at which some of people find it hard to afford. Another reason is for the love of the environment of world, doing our part for our planet. It’s a tend to buy hybrid cars.

Our government is advocating using hybrid cars. The government will give a tax credit depending upon the fuel conservation of the car in its lifetime. So some of people have decided to go green and buy a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). Do you know? A hybrid car, truck or SUV typically costs more than a vehicle with a standard gasoline engine. However, you will lower your fuel costs and be eligible to take advantage of tax incentives offered for purchasing HEV-and you can feel good about doing your part for the environment.

Before you buy a hybrid car, you must learn about the technologies available for the hybrid car. However, with concerns about replacing battery packs and the car’s general lifespan, there are some things you should do to correctly buy a hybrid car. The last few years have seen a marked increase in the variety of hybrid cars on the market. Take a look at what’s out there. Pay attention to the different kinds of hybrid energy sources cars use, such as electric and gas, and how you maintain or recharge the hybrid. There are a number of Web sites that compare the available makes and models.

When you decide to buy a hybrid car, you should know that there are a few models in the market. One of the biggest concerns that used hybrid buyers have is the condition of the car’s battery pack. A battery pack is extremely expensive to replace, so buying a car with a fading battery pack is very poor value. The best way to get the car checked is to take it to a dealership that sells that model. This might cost you a bit more money but in the long run you’ll be better off.

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Tired of Gas Prices? Honda Shrinks Hybrids

The next few years in the auto industry may bring about some interesting changes in the world of hybrid energy. Rather than worry about making gas-guzzling standard SUVs cheaper to operate, industry powerhouse Honda will seek an edge in the hybrid market by focusing exclusively on compact and subcompact hybrid vehicles.

While competitors are trying to lure customers by making their desired large sedans and SUV’s hybrid, Honda has decided to ignore that part of the hybrid market. The reason: Honda believes hybrid compacts and subcompacts are where the real energy savings are.

By comparison, Toyota’s next 2010 Prius will be larger than the previous model, while Honda’s next hybrid Civic promises to be smaller than its predecessor. (Source:

The most exciting change to the Honda fleet will be the Insight, set to be revived at the 2008 Paris International Auto Show next month. To compete with its greatest rival, the Insight will integrate a less expensive model of Honda’s hybrid technology, allowing the company to retail the new car for less than the Prius. (Source:

Four years from now, in 2012, Honda hopes to unveil the CR-Z, its smallest sports hybrid.

One of the main reasons for the company’s focus on smaller cars is twofold: they’re more often used for city driving, which takes advantage of the hybrid’s most exciting abilities (stopping recharges the hybrid’s batteries). Says Masaaki Kato, President of Honda’s Research and Development division, “Cars that drive stop-and-go are most suitable to hybrid technology.” (Source:

Although other automakers are on the right track developing hybrid technology in their SUVs, Honda’s initiative is laudable. SUVs, even if they incorporate ‘green’ technology, are still an inefficient use of alternative energy.

By focusing on smaller vehicles, Honda is reducing the initial energy use, while also moving towards renewable energy sources and sustainable living.

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